Life Without Plastic

Jay and Chantal were concerned about the health and environmental problems associated with plastics. On the health side, certain plastics used for food and drink leach harmful toxins, such as endocrine disrupters and other possible carcinogens, which can be especially dangerous for babies and children. Environmentally, while some plastic is recycled, significant amounts also end up in landfills and waterways.

When their son was born, Jay and Chantal sought out plastic alternatives, with limited success. There were virtually no retailers selling these products in Canada. They have filled this void with their online store, Life Without Plastic.

Seth was thrilled to find a retailer that was carrying the Klean Kanteen, a high quality, lightweight stainless steel bottle in Canada. Life Without Plastic is expanding its offerings constantly. Check their website in the coming months for a variety of new products.

Ostrom Outdoors

Seth has been well acquainted with Bill Ostrom’s Camp Special packs for many years. As a canoe trip leader for Camp New Moon, he disapprovingly witnessed many campers throwing the packs or dragging them through the mud or over rocks. The packs are still in great shape after years of abuse, reinforcing their reputation for being the toughest packs around.

Eventually, Seth had the opportunity to test some of Bill’s very comfortable internal frame packs. Bill’s internal frame expedition pack suspension system was originally designed for the Clothe the Soldier initiative of the Canadian Army. Years of research into load carriage at Queen’s University has lead to an unparalleled level of comfort.

Ostrom Outdoors is a business that is highly committed to customer service and ethical responsibility. Bill has kept the company small to keep a close eye on production. Rather than using offshore labour, the business employs local Canadian citizens.
Souris River Canoes

Souris River Canoes is a small canoe design and manufacturing business located in Atikokan, Ontario. The company has developed a proprietary technique that makes the layup of their boats extremely flexible. This has allowed them to produce very lightweight, tough canoes.

Keith Robinson, the owner of the business, has many innovative ideas that go beyond the layup of his canoes. He offers an optional package with his Tranquility Solo canoes that includes a rudder that attaches to the stern and a sprayskirt designed by Northwater. This is the canoe package that Seth has chosen for his expedition. Keith has been very helpful with regard to accommodating Seth’s requests for additional custom features.


Chaltrek began as a small geological supply business in JoAnne Winters’ home in Thunder Bay, Ontario. As the business grew, JoAnne opened a storefront. Chaltrek has since diversified its range of merchandise to include maps and camping and recreational outdoor equipment.

The business has the widest selection of maps in Northwestern Ontario. Any map that you are looking for is either in stock or can be ordered upon request. They also provide excellent customer service.

Seth worked at Chaltrek for the seven months leading up to the expedition. He would like to thank JoAnne for her support and her flexibility with work hours while he was preparing for the expedition.
Cranton Wellness Centre

3-701 Memorial Avenue, Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 3Z7
Phone: 807-343-7932

Allan Cranton is a doctor of both chiropractic and naturopathic medicine. When he heard about Seth’s back troubles, he offered to sponsor Seth’s health for the expedition.

The Cranton Wellness Centre uses state of the art technology and research to provide the best chiropractic care available in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Give them a call today and book an appointment with one of their friendly staff.

Northwater builds high quality equipment for all types of paddlers. Their safety and rescue equipment is some of the most reliable gear on the market today. Well respected paddlers work with Northwater to design and extensively field test their new products. When you take their equipment into the field, you can be reassured that it has stood up to the test of many expeditions before your own.

Northwater designed the spray deck Seth will be using for his expedition. Many observers have already commented on the quality of its craftsmanship. Their spraydecks are well known for being the toughest on the market, and do not pool water like many other decks. They already have patterns for most of the canoe models of the major canoe manufacturers. If you provide the measurements, they are able to custom fit any boat.

Echo Paddles

Echo Paddles strives to be environmentally responsible. The business makes their paddles out of local wood that is sustainably harvested on their property. They recently built a new off grid workshop that is powered by solar energy.

They also make great paddles, which are equally beautiful and functional. Andy Convery, the owner of the business, had been very accommodating by letting Seth test a variety of different paddles. Since receiving his bent shaft paddle, Seth has barely put it down.

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