Links & Resources

Links and Resources

Blue Flag Program
Blue Planet Project
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
Canadian Heritage Rivers System
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
California Urban Water Conservation Council
Campaign Lake Simcoe
The Council of Canadians
The Council of Canadians Water Campaign
Cradle to Cradle Theory
David Suzuki Foundation
EcoSuperior Environmental Programs
Environment Canada Freshwater Website
Environmental Defence
Environmental Defence's Toxic Nation Campaign
Friends of the Don East
Gordon Water Group
Great Lakes Information Network
Great Lakes Radio Consortium
Green Party of Canada
Guide to Less Toxic Products
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
Lake Superior Conservancy and Watershed Council
Ladies of the Lake
The Nature of Things: The Toxic House
Polaris Institute
POLIS Water Sustainability Project
Pollution Probe
Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition
Riversides Stewardship Alliance
Saugeen Conservation
Sea Web
Sierra Club of Canada
Sierra Legal Defense Fund
United Nations Water for Life Decade
US Clean Water Act Explained
Water Conservation for Kids
The Water Conservation Guide
Water Conservation Tips
Water Conserve
Water Policy International
Waterman's Blog
White Mooose

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Are there any links or resources that you would like to see listed here? Contact me and let me know.

Water Awareness Questionnaire

  1. Where does your drinking water come from?
  2. Where does your wastewater go?
  3. What major drainage basin do you live in?
  4. Name some of the waterways close to your home.
  5. What is the state of health of these waterways?
  6. What are some threats or concerns with regard to them?
  7. Name some organizations that are working to create positive change for your waterways?
  8. How do you pollute your wastewater in your home or business?
  9. What can you do to minimize or eliminate these pollutants?
  10. What are some water consumptive activities that take place in your home or business?
  11. How can you reduce your water consumption?
  12. How can you take action to protect our water?

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