I will be on a canoe trip on the East Arm or Great Slave Lake, in the Northwest Territories, between July 24th and August 18th, 2014. The most timely way to reach me will be to send a satellite phone text message. I will be checking my text messages approximately once every three days.

Sending a Satellite Phone Text Message

To send a text message...

1. Go to
2. Click on the "Send a Satellite Message" link on the top right corner of the page. This will bring you to Iridium's "Send a Satellite Message" page.
3. Enter my satellite phone number, 881631684499 . 8816 is already filled in for you.
4. Enter your email address.
5. Type in your message of up to 160 characters. The website counts the characters for you.
6. Click on the "Send Message" button.

If you would like to send a longer message, you can repeat this process several times. It is free for me to receive messages. It costs money for me to send or reply.

Replying to a Satellite Phone Text Message

If you receive a text message from me in your email account, the sender of the message will be

It is very important that you DO NOT reply or send messages directly from your email account. Replying to or sending messages in this way will result in unnecessary characters (related to formatting) being added to the message. Your message will likely be truncated and I may not receive all of it. Please use the Iridium site and the instructions above for sending a message in order to reply.

My satellite phone is intended for outgoing calls. For your benefit, do not attempt to call me. You will be charged $12 per minute on your phone bill.

All communication that is not time sensitive can be sent to my email address, which I will check upon my return:

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