I would like to thank the following people for their help with my journey.


JoAnne Winters; Bill Ostrom; Keith Robinson; Allan Cranton; Morgan Goldie; The Karalanian Family; Cathy Chapin; Wally of Wally's Thunder Country Diving; Cory Ray; Anna Doubt; Rachel Weston; Robert and Diane Wotten; Andy Convery; Jim Weis; Tom Axtell; Max, Connie, & Isaac Finkelstein; Armand DuCharme; Bruce & Pat Hawkins; Joan & George Doubt; Roy & Anne Summers; Ed Cohen; Bryan & Germaine at Casablanca Lodge; Ed Crane; John Horkins; Jay Morrison, Chris & Nicole Taggart; Brian, Janice, & Alex Christie; Paul Sabourin; Joanie & Sila McGuffin; the staff at Naturally Superior Adventures; Serendipity Gardens; Dave Tamblyn; Zack Kruzins; Robert & Connie Maier; Paul Rosenfeld; Romila, Shai, Maya, Isha, & Reyva Verma; Darrel Makin; Robert Taylor; Gesine Haink; Ian Leggett; Julia Princelaar; Erik Simula; Linda Henry; Deanna, Don, & Natasha Leach; John & Cindy from the Twin Cities; Greg & Barb Heston; Andre & Ann from Brooklyn; Erik & Caren Fagerdahl; Vaughn & Melanie Murray; Scott & Steve Green; Marc Mollet-King; Barb, Blain, & Leanne King; and anyone else whom I may have forgotten.


Claire Malcolmson; Tiffany Garfinkel; Jack O'Brian; Robert & Diane Wotten; Marc Mollet-King; Joanne at the Two Bears Marina in Kenora; Cathy from the Train Station in Minaki; Rodney Swatton, Scott Green, & the rest of the Lakehead University Outdoor Recreation students; Eli Carpenter; Robert and Nancy at the Powerview Campground; Wes & Helen Bell; Angie Thomson; Dan Bigelow; Carl Monkman; Debbie & Donnie LaDouceur; Ron, Ivonne, & Lenny Ballantyne; Meaghan O'Rourke; Roger & Wendy Gregoire; Dr. J. Ward of the Opaskwayak Area Chiropractic Centre; Jim Carriere; Lana & Rob Patterson; Jim Metz; Catherine, Janet, & Bruce Joa of T&D Cabins; Greg & Jan East; Jonah & Alvin of the Pelican Narrows Resort; Sergeant Lorne Thomas; David Dusterbeck; Troy Derkatch & family; Kim & Judy Archibald; Ric Driediger & the rest of the gang at Churchill River Canoe Outfiiters; Gregg Rutten; Bart & Vickie of the Pine Island Lodge; Kelly Peskett; Jay Morrison; Martin Pakitin; Susan Wolverine; Jacob & Mary Estalhenan; Constable Peter Rhead; Staff Sergeant Ken Downie; Susan, Izzy, Darren, Amanda, & Cindy of the Buffalo Narrows Inn & Restaurant; Nick Petty; Meredith Wotten; Rachel Weston; Evan Deleff; Darin, Jennifer, Stephanie, & Justin Zandee; Don & Anna Sexton; Miklos Legrady; Andy Convery; Evalisa McIllfaterick; and all of the trappers, hunters, & fishers that left their cabins along the route unlocked and open to the public.


Robert & Diane Wotten; Rachel Weston; Jack O'Brian; Catharine Grant; Jay Morrison; Josh Garfinkel; Jessica, Norm, & Val Johnson; Darin and Jennifer Zandee; Fort McMurray paddlers from the Borealis Canoe Club; Chad; John Marcel & Julia; Robert & Barbara Grandjambe; Francois & Lesley Paulette; Yarra; Don, Sandy, & Janna Jacque; Wood Buffalo National Park staff; Snooky & Jeela LaRoque of J's Bed & Breakfast; Jolene Bourque, Heidi Selzler, & Margaret Bell; Neil, Christie Cooper, & Kelly King; Larry Tisdel; Doug Norwegian; Carl Lennie & the Lennie family; Rick Muyres of Mountain River Outdoor Adventures Inc.; Tanya & Todd McCauley; Hiroyuki (Hiro) Adachi & Alain Renodier; Moe Grant of Raven Enterprises, Nicki Mosley; Chris Harbord; Adam Roth; Rachel Parks; Nick Petty; Evalisa McIllfaterick; Marianne Glazier; Lambert Boenders; Ian Keir; Michelle Vibert; and anyone else whom I may have forgotten.

A special thank you goes out to my donors and sponsors.

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